Fabric Information

Fabric Information

Fabric Size

Hopefully this will ensure you get the correct amount of fabric, and not end up with the situation resembling ordering 8 oranges and ending up with 8kgs of oranges resulting in you having to dig out a marmalade recipe !

All You, me and Mabel fabrics are shown as 1 fat quarter.

A fat quarter is a quarter of a metre of fabric. The metre is cut in half lengthwise, and then in half width-wise. It is usually 50cm x 55cm (fabric width) approx.

If you would like more than a fat quarter please select the amount you want in the quantity box and we will send the fabric as one continuous piece.

Example if you would like 1 metre please order 4 fat quarters of the same fabric.

1 FQ measures 55cm x 50cm long

2 FQ measures 110cm x 50cm long

3 FQ measures 110cm x 75cm long

4 FQ measures 110cm x 100cm long (1 metre)

5 FQ measures 110cm x 125cm long

6 FQ measures 110cm x 150cm long (1 1/2 metres)

7 FQ measures 110cm x 175cm long

8 FQ measures 110cm x 200cm long (2 metres)

We are happy to send a long fat quarter 110cm x 25cm  if you leave a comment when ordering. If this is not possible then we will email you first.

Fabric Bundles

Fabric bundles are usually sent as fat quarter bundles, if more than one of the same bundle is ordered then each fabric from the bundle may be sent in a continuous pieces, i.e 2 FQ's bundles will be sent as 1 Half Metre Bundle, depending on availabilty. 

All the fabrics unless stated as precuts are cut using a rotary cutter or scissors and we try to be a precise as possible.

Fabric Care

Majority of the fabrics are quilting weight cotton unless stated otherwise. We do stock a small amount of Jersey, Rayon, Linens which are ideal for dress making. Quilting weight cottons can be used for some dress making but it depends on the pattern and whether it requires a fabric with more flow, drape or stretch.

It is recommended to pre wash all fabrics before using. To prevent shrinkage and fabric colours "bleeding" into each other. A colour catcher is very useful when washing quilts, always on a low setting. Quilts are best lined dried but some quilters do tumble dry their quilts! You me and Mabel are not responsible for any mishaps that may occur when washing fabrics or quilts etc.

Children's Sleepwear.

The fabric manufacturers advise aganist using any of the fabrics for children's sleepwear due to flammability safety standards. You me and Mabel will not be held accountable or responsible if customers go aganist this advise.

Hope this is self explanitory, any queries send us an Email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Many Thanks 

Sally, Stu and Mabel. xx